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Professional Home Organizer Serving Greenville, SC and surrounding areas

Now Offering Virtual Organizing Services!

How many years of procrastination do you have stored away to deal with one day?

Do your storage areas look similar to this?

Having no motivation or even anxiety to think about organizing your possessions is more common than you might think. Getting to it eventually may never even happen. The good news is that help is now easily accessible for you.

Just having someone help you sort through and organize your belongings is most likely the solution to your problems. Especially when dealing with sentimental items, you need someone to help you without judgement or sending you on a guilt trip for keeping or even discarding any of your belongings. Having an organizational system in place that works for YOU, will be the ultimate goal in any situation.

Are you ready to feel the weight lifted after having organized and having an efficient functional space? I offer the services personally, that are necessary to help you with your organizational projects and dilemmas.

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Who am I?


Hi, my name is Kayla!
Ever since I can remember, I have been eager to organize and maximize the functionality of spaces of my own and others'. I have, within the past five years, discovered that extending what 

I have to offer is truly my passion in life.
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